The Best 3 Cryptocurrencies Tokens and AltCoins for Online Gamblers

The cryptocurrencies are virtual coins, or alternative currency, which are emerging since 2009, but currently, the hype of these cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and others is really exploding.

That is why virtual casinos managed by cryptocurrencies or fiduciary currency have been created and are managed to pay their bets with altcoin, another type of cryptocurrency. Here we show you some cryptocurrency tokens and altcoins for online gamblers:



It’s a currency considered as an altcoin, it is used in video games as a way of payment when winning in the game. Right now, it’s a currency that is expanding mainly in virtual games. But is has the project to expand its horizons soon. We hope they can get it done sooner than later.



It’s a virtual casino and games platform which belongs to the world of blockchain. It has its own fiduciary money for any type of bet the users are going to make and are paid through the cryptocurrencies that we already know for then,be transferred to the casino account.

This casino offers a lot of security to the users while playing, since both they and the casino have the same advantages of being able to win, due to the use of their specific currency. The casino coins are known as ZERO.

Enjin Coin


It’s a fiduciary cryptocurrency of virtual games that was created by Enjin, the online gaming platform. This currency is used in this virtual world where you can even exchange goods for this type of currency. It’s a currency that has virtual value, due to the support and security it has for all the games that use it.

The cryptocurrencies are increasingly expanding through the cyber world; therefore, these alternative currencies have also been created for games with more internet users. Although you might not believe this, these coins have big value and support for the blockchain platform which created them.

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