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Since the world of cryptocurrencis is large and expands every single day, is quite hard to keep yourselfinformed about all the news and sites to explore out there, not to mention the new coins and tokens.

Besides that, the prices in the market change constantly for a lot of these coins, as sometimes a coin can change his worth twice in a day. This not only affects these coins but also affects how the gambling and casinos work as well.

But here in Satoshi Land, I make the effort to maintain all my readers with the information to date, but sometimes my effort isn’t enough, and I start to need a helping hand in these cases. That’s why I always encourage my readers to help the blog by keeping it alive.

If you have knowledge in the world of crypto coins and you know about gambling sites that work with these, don’t hesitate and contact me and we’ll discuss from there.

Satoshi Land is the best place to know all about these sites and is getting more recognition from all the readers who comment every day, so my intention is to keep it alive and growingwith better information, new entries and more, so, if you can bring your help and contribute to Satoshi Land, you are more than welcome.